Monday, March 21, 2011


This post was inspired by the post "Why Making Your Own French Baguette Is Empowering" on the Cook's Corner blog.

I have been wanting to make a decent baguette for years.  I can make a mean loaf of bread in the breadmaker, and I made a reasonably good roll following my Mom's recipe, but baking a baguette is one of those skills that still eludes me.

The above blog post got me closer than I have ever been by linking me to the King Arthur Flour baguette making blog entry as well as the recipe entry.

So I tried my hands at baguette, yet again.

I'm not going to say that I am good at it, yet, but I am getting better.

The kids love it!

I pretty much followed the King Arthur recipe, but had to make a few modifications so that it would work with my yeast and flour.

For starters, I have to cheat a bit when it comes to the overnight rise.  I add a dash of sugar to the yeast to give it a head start.

The next day, I prepare the dough in the breadmaker - and I clearly need to add more water than king Artur calls for - up to 1/4 cup more.

The last rise takes place in my microwave, where I put a bowl of boiling water in with the bread.

My loafs are a little bigger since I have a 2-loaf pan rather than a 3 loaf one.

But the result is pretty decent looking:

... and dang, they tasted amazing. 

King Arthur has another recipe for crusty hard rolls on their blog.  It's essentially the same recipe. 

... and I highly recommend it.

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