Saturday, April 23, 2011

40 bags in 40 days.....the final tally

It's been a while - and I may not have made 40 bags in 40 days, but.....I did make some progress in my house.

Most of the work was accomplished during spring break.  After that, my life got sort-of busy with the regular work, home and volunteer commitments I have.

But let's look at what I accomplished with my "the-glass-is-half-full" mind set:

  • Decluttered magazines - How many bags do they count for? 
  • Decluttered that laundry that seems to *live* in the laundry room - some of the items went to Goodwill
  • Cleared the catch-all table in the basement - some of that went to Goodwill
  • Decluttered some of the exchange student's possessions.  He went home over a year ago and left a number of things behind for me to take care of.  Luggage and shoes went to Goodwill
  • Threw away lots and lots of garbage.  How many bags is "2 Herbies"
  • Did more laundry.  Will it ever stop?
  • Organized the hardware section of the basement.  I think I have enough measuring tape and screwdrivers  to last a lifetime.
  • Organized all the cables, phone cords and AC adapters I have accumulated over a lifetime.  Most of those will go into the next yard sale.  (I did find the 2 AC adapters I was actually looking for.  One belonged to a weather radio and came in quite handy during the 2 tornado warnings we had in the last 3 days.....)
I am looking forward to having the neighborhood yard sale in May!  My house will be a lot emptier after that. 

This task does not end after 40 days.... 

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