Sunday, May 15, 2011

Too much to do, too little time - and then came the rain...

We had our annual neighborhood yard sale on Saturday.

There are a few boxes and shelves in my basement where I collect things all year.  That seems to be the only way I can find the "yard sale stuff" at yard sale time. 

I got up early in the morning and lugged all that stuff in the garage.  There was a slight chance of rain, so I figured that I'd be safe, if I held the sale in the garage.  After all, yard sale customers would not be deterred by a few sprinkles.

Then I spent a few hours hanging up clothes and organizing it all.

The neighborhood holds the yard sale every year, and it's always in May.  However, I was less than thrilled with the date of the sale this year.  I coincided with too many other things I wanted to do on Saturday. 
  • Team in Training (TNT) had their regular run scheduled for that morning at 7:30 am.  There was a informational meeting for future participants after the run. Since I am a mentor again this season, going to the run seemed like a good idea.
  • One of the local running clubs had their annual "spring fling" potluck breakfast at 8:30 am.  I had not run with the club in a while and this seemed like a good day to go back.
  • There was also an "un-conference scheduled" to discuss ideas for the future of our city for all day.  I had never been to such a thing, but would have wanted to see how many people would support the idea to ban cars from downtown. These downtown pedestrian zones seem to work well in Europe.  I don't see why they could not work in the US.
The yard sale interfered with all of that. 

But I had collected stuff all year!  I really did want to get rid of the stuff in my house.  This sale was going to help me with that little space problem (see title of this blog) I have.

At the same time, I hate having to make choices like that.  I'd rather do it all - somehow.  That's probably where that little time problem (see title of this blog) comes from.

But here I was - before 7 am on a Saturday morning - organizing stuff in my garage.

Punctually at 8 am it started sprinkling.

Around 8:15 a lady stopped by She was looking  for "old stuff" and custom jewelry". I had neither. 
A gentleman stopped by shortly thereafter.  He was looking for a fridge and a microwave. I have both - but not in the yard sale (yet).  He was convinced that the rain would subside shortly.

Contrary to his prediction, it started raining a little harder after he left - the kind of rain that had the potential for going on all day. This was not looking good. 

When nobody else had shown up by 9:30 am, I decided to give up on the sale.  There was that TNT information meeting that I could still make it to.  (I had told them that I may show up in case of rain..)

What a waste of a perfectly good morning.

Now I wonder, if I should leave the stuff out there for the rain date yard sale - or if I should just give it to Goodwill and be done with it? 

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