Saturday, March 19, 2016

Monday night dinner - the potato challenge

On Monday nights I usually join a group of friends for a pot-luck dinner at a friend's house.  In August of last year I happened to bring a potato dish 2 weeks in a row.  The first dish was German potato salad, which I deemed appropriate for an evening where the group was grilling. I didn't keep track of what I was bringing at the time, but the second time was likely a cheesy hashbrown potato for the crock pot recipe that I found on the Internet after enjoying the recipe at a party.

One of my friends, Brad, commented on the fact that people rarely brought potatoes to a potluck any more.  He really enjoyed that I brought potatoes, because he had almost forgotten how much he liked them.  (I am paraphrasing here.  He said something along those lines over 6 months ago... ) 

Somehow potatoes have gotten this reputation that they are not healthy.  Something about the glycemic index and that they were high in carbs - and - gasp - definitely not paleo.  Granted, those cheesy hashbrown potatoes didn't pass as a health food, even though I left out the butter the recipe called for.  But what's that old adage?  Everything in moderation!  Trust me, a potato can be part of your balanced diet - even if you are a diabetic.

Oh, the humble potato.  To a German, potatoes area a staple food and I know that my mother could make potato dishes for a month without repeating herself - and I am not talking about just changing the toppings on your baked potato - or the spices used on your fries. 

I wondered how long I could go without repeating myself.  I'd never know unless I tried it.  So I threw out a challenge for myself - and accepted it on that Monday in August of 2015.  I would be bringing potatoes to every potluck- and I would not repeat myself for as long as I could. 

Today we write the 19th of March 2016 and I have  not repeated myself, yet.  I will share the new recipes in this blog as I make them - for as long as I continue making potatoes for Monday night dinner.  I will also revisit the old ones as time permits. 

Hail to the versatile potato!

Update: I have created an overview of the potato dishes that I have already made. I will update it as time permits.  

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