Friday, May 13, 2016

Lost - and found picture

I love pictures -not so much pictures of myself, but pictures of loved ones, friends and family.

If my house were on fire, I'd save the kids, the pets and then the pictures. Everything else can be replaced.

I have a hard time throwing away any pictures.  When the kids were little, and there was no such thing as digital camera (at least not an affordable digital camera) I would always order doubles from every roll I shot.  Then I'd put one entire set into the photo album before ANYONE was allowed to touch them. After that, I'd give the second set away to relatives and friends.

When I was a kid, I acquired an old photo album - complete with pictures still in it. Some of the pictures were rather strange.  One picture showed a group of young men that had clearly been injured. They sported bandages and many of them had deep gashes in their faces.  I wondered what had happened to them until my Dad explained to me that young men in fraternities would do this as some form of indoctrination activity.  Strange... There were also lots of pictures of babies - standard photo album fare.  My Dad had gotten the album from a deceased old lady.  Apparently, her family had no interest in the pictures - and I never understood why someone would let go of a family album.  That's your history - that's were your family stories are waiting to be discovered by your children.

But those people, who don't value pictures, are out there.  They are not part of my family - but they're out there.  One day I was cleaning up the attic of my house and I found a black-and-white baby picture. I knew that the old couple I bought the house from were long diseased, so I looked up a relative, who still lived in town to ask them, if they had any interest in the picture.  After all, this was a black-and-white picture.  People didn't have hundreds of pictures of a trip to a restaurant (bathroom).  People may have 10 photographs that spanned a lifetime.  To my surprise, the family showed no interest in the picture.  I may have thrown that picture away.

Nobody may care about the other picture I found, either - but then again, someone may...

Here is the picture in question:

I found it ca. 2005 in a parking lot of the University of Kentucky.  It was just starting to rain, so I figured that I better save the picture before the rain was going to destroy it.

I took it to my cubicle in BBSRB and actually put it in a frame on my desk. The cubicle was in a thoroughfare where lots of people would see it.  I figured that one day someone would walk past my desk and ask me "Why do you have a picture of my husband and son on your desk." Then I would hand her the picture and tell her that I had been waiting to give it back to its rightful owner.

That didn't happen....

When I moved to a different job - and a private office - the picture went into a drawer, since it was going to have little exposure to the public.

I know, it's silly to hold on to a picture that does not even show anyone I know for 11 years, but maybe someone is looking  for this picture.  By now, the people in the picture are at least 10 years older than they were then.  The little boy is a teenager and the dog has likely crossed over the rainbow bridge a long time ago.  I assumed that the picture was taken by the mother of the child - and the the man was the father, but that does not have to be the case.

Someone knows or knew the people and the dog in this picture.

If I remember correctly, I posted the picture on Facebook once before but nobody recognized the guy.

Maybe I didn't cast my net far enough....

So here's another attempt at giving the picture back to its rightful owner.

Do you know who these people?

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