Saturday, February 19, 2011

I'm old!!!

The other day, my son asked me, if I had a compass he could use.  That is, a compass to make circles with, not one of those things that points you north.

I did have one of those and directed him to where it was: In the basement, top right drawer of the desk. (Yes, I am the most organized disorganized person I know. My basement is part mess-o'-boxes - and part über-organization.)

When he came back upstairs, compass in hand, he was looking at it sort of puzzled and he asked: "Mom, is this compass so old that it's still from West Germany?"

I was offended - got all blustery with him: "What do you mean "so old"?  West Germany existed until just a few years ago and the Berlin wall fell - oh, I don't know - yesterday!"

"Mom," he says, "do you realize that West Germany did not exist during my entire lifetime?"

He's right!  The Berlin wall fell in 1989.  He was born in 1993.  As a matter of fact, both of my children were born after the wall fell. The fact that my children even know about West Germany is a testament to their interest in Germany - and history.

I feel old all a sudden....

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  1. LOL, this one made me smile. I guess I'm old then, too, my daughter was born in 1993 as well. I'll have to look around my house, I'm pretty sure I can find a few items with West Germany on them as well :o)