Monday, February 14, 2011

The Valentine's Day card that makes me smile

I was not going to write about Valentine's Day at all.  As a single woman, it's not a day I find particularly exciting. But then I read Laura's blog and remembered that I do have a fun little Valentine's story.

It was February of 1998.  I was separated from my husband - a single Mom with 2 kids and a stepdaughter, who was also living with me.

My future Ex was never much into Valentine's Day, so I was surprised when this little card showed up in my mailbox on February 14th.

Seriously? Now you send me a card?  

When I opened it, this is what it said inside....

It was not from him. It was from the other Ex wife - my stepdaughter's Mom!

I still have the card. It made me smile at the time and it still brings a smile to my face today. 

Thanks Debra, for brightening my Valentine's Day - then and now!